祝贺你! We are thrilled to welcome you into the MMA community. In order to secure your spot and prepare for your arrival on campus, please explore the answers listed below.

了解综合格斗最好的方法就是花时间在最靠谱的网赌软件美丽的校园里与学生见面, 教师, 和工作人员.

不幸的是, COVID-19 has created unfortunate restrictions on student visits, and we understand the burden of not being able to visit due to the pandemic. Instead, we have many ways for you to 与最靠谱的网赌软件联系 and we encourage you to explore our 虚拟开放参观会议!

如果你决定MMA是适合你的地方,地方接受你的录取要约在5月1日.When you accept your offer, an enrollment deposit of $250 must be submitted. 押金可以是 方便的网上支付.

We really hope that you chose to join us in Castine, 但请记住,如果你不打算进入十大网赌软件推荐,请正式拒绝你的录取通知.

所有的学生, 无论大, 是否需要提交免疫证明,并填写医疗评估和体格检查表.

The forms can be accessed as form fill documents in the 招生门户,在你 MyMMA portal, or they can be accessed on the 所需医疗文件页面.

These forms should be submitted by June 1, but they can also be submitted at the beginning of 新学生方向 (NSO).

最靠谱的网赌软件要求所有的学生送一个 认证 在您8月份到达之前,请将他们的出生证明复印件和社会保险卡复印件寄到最靠谱的网赌软件办公室.

Students majoring in a license program are required to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential—TWIC and you will need to provide your birth certificate to do so. If you visit campus after making your deposit, please schedule an appointment to apply for your TWIC; you can also apply during 新学生方向 (NSO).

Likewise, students in a license program will need to have a valid passport. We encourage you to have a passport prior to your arrival in August. For information about obtaining or renewing a United States passport visit http://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html/.

If you are an international student, please refer to your country’s appropriate 政府ernment website or channels.

More information is coming soon about our Summer 2022 新学生方向s (NSO)! 请继续关注!

2022 新学生方向 sessions will be offered on the following dates:

  • 六月三日至四日
  • 6月24 - 25日
  • 七月十五日至十六日

了解出席费用,学费和援助是你决策过程的关键. Be sure to explore the questions below, and if you have others that we do not cover here, 请与最靠谱的网赌软件办公室联系!

MMA的实际出勤费(COA)对每个学生(他们来自哪里)是独特的, 他们的主要, 等.). The 成本的出勤率 has two different types of costs – 直接成本 and 间接成本. When they are added together, that is your student’s COA.

直接成本 – These are the fees that you have to pay. 这包括学费, 食宿(膳食), 一般费用, licensing fees (for those in an unlimited license program), and Regiment uniforms and items (unlimited license programs only).

间接成本 – These are variable fees and may or may not be applicable to your student. 一个例子是笔记本电脑的费用-如果你的学生已经有一台符合必要的标准的笔记本电脑(如.g. 操作系统、内存等.), the laptop fee can be removed from your student’s bill. 另外, the cost of books may be lower or higher based on your student’s classes, while travel to and from home and personal/miscellaneous expenses can also vary in amount.

2021-2022 Maine 3月itime 成本的出勤率

成本 & 预算工作表

The COA at MMA is based upon an entire year (Fall, 春天, 夏季),包括直接和间接成本的总和-没有意外或隐藏的费用-最靠谱的网赌软件所有的费用和成本都是预先的.

Unlike other 状态 maritime academies, 综合格斗的COA包括一切, and we explain what each fee or cost covers!

When considering the financial aid offer from a particular school, or in comparing aid offers from multiple schools, you need to weigh your cost expectations against each school’s estimated total COA. 这种比较的目的是为了更好地决定你和/或你的学生是否能够在家庭可用资源和每所学校提供的经济援助的情况下实际地管理成本. 请访问 财政援助的网站 for costs and additional information.

For tips on how to afford higher education and other useful information, please visit the 缅因州财政管理局 (名声)网站.

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student 援助. 申请FAFSA是申请财政援助的第一步,是计划在联邦政府帮助下完成高中毕业后教育的学生的一项要求, 状态, or institutional aid such as grants, 奖学金, 工作研究, 和贷款.

You can complete the FAFSA anytime on or after October 1. Completing and submitting the FAFSA is free – so be sure to apply at FAFSA.政府. The priority filing deadline for 十大网赌软件推荐 is February 1, but you can still send in your FAFSA after this date.

Students begin receiving financial aid offers beginning in December, so keep an eye out for this important information!

请注意: Even if you student are paying for your own college education, families are required to fill out the FAFSA if they plan to claim you, 学生, on their taxes if you are under age 24.

如果你对资格、学生身份或任何与联邦助学金有关的问题有疑问,请访问 FAFSA网站.  另外, the 缅因州财政管理局 (FAME) has a helpful 这是联邦难民援助署的网页.

我被选中进行验证. 为什么?

核实是一个过程,要求学校收集一些学生的额外收入和家庭信息. It does not mean that you did anything wrong! 看看这个 great video explaining verification.

If selected for Verification, complete and submit these forms:

If you are applying for the Federal Direct 父母+贷款, you need to complete and submit the form below:

There are a variety of types of financial aid available to student at MMA.

Federal and private loans must be repaid. Grants, merit awards, and 奖学金 do not have to be repaid.

We offer the following types of aid:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loan (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)
  • 父母+贷款
  • Student Private Alternative Education Loan
  • Pell Grant and Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
  • 国家拨款
  • 综合格斗优秀奖和奖学金
  • 联邦工作研究

Please note that you may not qualify for all types of aid. 额外的信息, 每个类别的解释, 和资格要求, 请联系 金融援助办公室.


The 团的见习船员 is a uniformed student body that fosters self-confidence, 团队合作, 自律, 荣誉, and integrity in young men and women.参加团是联邦政府要求学生在海洋工程或海洋运输方面无限制的许可证,但对所有学生开放.

如果你加入该团,你将参加为期10天的团预备训练(RPT)。. This challenging program prepares students for life as a Midshipmen. After completion of RPT, you will begin MUG Month.

马克杯月提供持续的训练和准备之前,你进入完整团的海军军官候补生. MUG stands for Midshipmen Under Guidance, 一个学生在被编入海军军官候补生团之前是这样称呼他的.

For more information about the Regiment, visit the 最靠谱的网赌软件网站的团部分.


该团的学生被要求穿制服,分成四个连(阿尔法, 布拉沃, 查理, δ), 所以,虽然看起来像军事, 它不是.

There are no service requirements during your time at MMA or upon graduation.

Please contact the Bookstore at to schedule your uniform fitting.

  • 如果你是外州学生, please call at the beginning of June to schedule a fitting once you arrive in Castine.
  • 如果你是州内学生, 请在开学前安排来学校试衣.

Please note that there is a $500 uniform deposit due at the time of fitting.

Curtis Hall is the largest facility of its kind in the 状态 of Maine, and you will meet your new friends and classmates as a resident there.

All students who are under the age of 21 must live on campus. 如果你和你的家庭永久地址离学校45英里或更少,并且你未满21岁, they can live at home and commute to campus.

Unless your family plans on making that address their permanent home, you cannot live there until you are 21 or older.

If you have questions about this policy, 请联系 Office of 住宅生活 at .

请注意: The 团的见习船员 has additional policies for off-campus living. Please contact the Commandant’s Office at for more information about their policies

Once you are admitted and enrolled at MMA, 你将开始收到最靠谱的网赌软件帐单部发出的重要资讯及通讯. If you have questions about billing outside of what is outlined below, 请联系他们的办公室 .

你的第一份大学账单应该在7月中旬就能在网上拿到你就能在 MyMMA. Please note that your bill must be paid, or arrangements made, no later than August.


TMS offers a 10-month plan with equal payments due July 1 – April 1. 该计划可用于支付所有综合格斗成本或补充财务援助后的最终成本. TMS还为那些希望降低月供的人提供10个月的贷款计划.

As a first-year students, you will receive information directly from TMS. 如果您有问题或想了解更多信息,请联系MMA的计费办公室 .

If you would like to sign up, you may do so online at the 经颅磁刺激网站.

Welcome to the 3月iner community, parents, and families! We are excited to have your join us and proud to have your student at MMA.

We encourage all parents and family members to join the 家长协会, 或者至少跟随他们 脸谱网页面!

你可以提问, 获得建议, receive important information concerning your student throughout the year, and get involved in the many events on and off-campus through the 家长协会.

这个社区是专门为你的,可以提供信息和支持-就像你一样, they were first-time MMA parents once!

MMA’s Mailroom is often one of the busiest offices on campus! If you would like to send something to your student, please include:


The Mailroom is located in the Alfond Student Center.

No, not until the Regimental Induction Ceremony in October.

The only exceptions are ‘away’ athletic contests, emergency medical appointments or care, and serious family events including major illnesses, 受伤, 或死亡.

If you decide to attend events like Ship Jump or 首页coming, please be aware that you may or may not be able to talk to your students, 即使你看到他们.

最靠谱的网赌软件鼓励家长和家庭参加十月举行的团部入职典礼,以见证您的学生所取得的成绩, watch them be inducted into the full 团的见习船员, 花时间和他们在一起. At the close of the ceremony, your student can head home for a long weekend!

转学到十大网赌软件推荐是迈向美好未来的激动人心的一步. If you have any questions beyond those listed below, please remember that our 招生 team is here to help!

转学学生将根据其证书的质量考虑先进的地位. 你的学分必须相当于“C”或以上的等级从认可的学院或大学. 转学学分的数量将取决于注册主任评估的课程与综合军事学院课程的同等程度.
No, transfer credits are not used in calculating 学生’s GPA at Maine 3月itime.

Courses from an approved military program are transferable where applicable. 如果您想让您的学分审查,请提交一份联合服务成绩单(JST)。.

In accordance with federal regulations, Third Officer U.S. Coast Guard license students must be in training for a minimum of three years. 相应的, 除特殊情况外, 转学学生或那些希望在这些专业进修的学生必须至少花这段时间在培训上.

Students who have been dismissed or resigned from the US Merchant 3月ine Academy, 美国空军学院, 美国军事学院, 美国海军学院, 或国家海事学院的不当行为或待处分的学生,不符合进入十大网赌软件推荐的资格.

即使有转学学分, 通常不可能在不到三年的时间里满足最靠谱的网赌软件理科学士课程独特的学术要求. Because of scheduling and prerequisite requirements, there is no guarantee that your required courses will be available, in the sequence that you need for graduation, 在不到四年的时间里.